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Japanese beauty secrets for a younger you

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Youthful glowing glass skin

Japanese skincare products are known for their youthful glowing glass skin which is a combination of good skin care layers and a healthy diet. Let’s take some tips.


Learn the concept of hydration

Japanese women follow the concept of hydrating and put layers of moisture on their skin focusing on anti-ageing ingredients that make the skin look younger.


Focus on collagen-based creams

Prefer instilling collagen-based creams or serums in your everyday beauty routine which helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.


Start using cleansing oils

Japanese women prefer cleansing oils over foam-based cleansers as it prevents the skin from drying out and this should be done once a day.


Prefer doing your skincare before sleep

The best time to do your skincare routine is before bed and not require a strong cleanser in the morning, and use the mildest cleanser trick.


Try a lotion or essence

After washing instead of using a softener, prefer using a lotion or essence on your skin which is a cross of serum and toner and are known as liquid hydrators too which penetrate inside your skin.


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Focus on raw foods

Japanese women run very low on fried foods, sugar, salt, and on red meat, because they cause inflammation which leads to puffy skin and redness, and focus on raw food such as fish, rice, green tea, and vegetables.


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