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Psychological tricks to be attractive

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Simple psychology tricks to follow

Being attractive goes beyond physical appearance. Understanding psychology plays an important role in increasing one's attractiveness. To give a sense of irresistibility, we've curated some interesting psychology tricks for you to use.


​Mirror body language

Mirroring is a great way to make a person feel connected and attracted to you. It means gently imitating the body language of a person, using similar words, phrases, and tone as theirs. However, this imitation should be subtle.


​Use touch

A gentle touch while talking to someone, like a light tap on the arm, can make you both feel closer and more attracted to each other. It's a good way of breaking the ice and forming a connection.


​Use their name

This psychology trick is undoubtedly a must-try. People unconsciously like to hear their own name, so while having a conversation with someone, try using their name. It is a simple and effective way to make a person feel special.


​Tell stories

Sharing your personal stories and experiences can make you more attractive to others. It takes the conversation beyond small talk and makes it interesting, making people genuinely want to talk to you.


​Be a good listener

When a person is sharing an experience with you, make sure to give them your full attention and avoid interrupting them. It shows that you care about them and understand how they feel. This makes them feel more attracted to you.


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​Be positive

Having a positive attitude is immensely attractive. Always having a subtle smile on your face and positive energy can instantly make people want to be around you. Remember, nobody wants to be around a person who is always sad or negative.


​Confident walk

Walking with confidence and good posture is a lot more charming than you might think. Always make sure to stand up straight with your shoulders back and take small steps with a bit of energy. It not only makes you look good, but it also makes you feel naturally powerful.


​Eye contact

Keeping good eye contact means directly looking into the eyes of a person while talking to them. It shows confidence and interest, making you more appealing to the other person.


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