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Thailand's cannabis culture may come to an end with govt seeking ban

2 months ago 62


Thai government

plans to ban recreational cannabis use by the year's end, citing concerns about its impact on children and potential for drug abuse. However, use of cannabis for medical purpose will be allowed. Thailand decriminalized cannabis in 2022, leading to a surge in recreational use.
Neon signs featuring cannabis leaves are common sights in Thai towns, signaling the presence of numerous shops, spas, and lounges offering various cannabis products.

Tourist areas often host shops selling smoking accessories, while cannabis-themed events like joint-rolling competitions have gained popularity.
The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce estimates the cannabis sector could reach $1.2 billion by next year.
The government's proposed law to prohibit recreational cannabis is set for cabinet review soon. Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew criticized recreational marijuana as misuse, emphasizing its negative effects.

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