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'SRK has avoided media due to Aryan's arrest'

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Bollywood’s King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, is known for his media-friendly nature. However, there was a time when the actor stopped interacting with the media and making public appearances. Recently, he was spotted with his family at Mumbai airport, covering his face with an umbrella. Reports now state that the actor ceased media interactions because he is angry about the extensive coverage of his son

Aryan Khan



Shah Rukh Khan has been visibly avoiding paparazzi since 2021, when Aryan was arrested in a "drugs on cruise" case. In a recent interview with Hindi Rush, photographer

Varinder Chawla

shared insights into this behavior. The Mumbai-based


also mentioned a phone call he received from SRK.

Ibrahim Ali Khan snapped outside gym

Varinder said that his team sent him to photograph Shah Rukh Khan after the release of his 2023 film ‘Pathaan’. However, the photographer did not appreciate the assignment, as it felt like an invasion of the actor’s


, and SRK seemed angry. He then called the actor’s PR team to inform them about the video his team had recorded. He assured them that he wouldn’t use it and apologized on behalf of his team for invading their privacy.
Unexpectedly, after this call, SRK’s manager called Varinder to thank him, and Shah Rukh wanted to speak to him personally. The media person was in shock. It was surreal for him, as he was someone who used to chase Shah Rukh’s car just to get a glimpse of him, and now he was receiving a personal call from him.

"We spoke for over five minutes. After speaking to him, I realised his love for his children, his son Aryan Khan. I too have children, if people went around talking ill and negative things about my children, I too would feel sad. He was so sad, upset back then, we didn’t care about that. We just kept complaining SRK doesn’t give us photos and always hides his face. He is mad at the media for what they did to his son,” he added.
Aryan was arrested in connection with the Cordelia Cruise case for allegedly possessing narcotics and remained in custody for 22 days. Ultimately, he was exonerated of all charges. During Aryan's incarceration, his father, Shah Rukh Khan, visited him in jail. This visit attracted significant attention, with Shah Rukh being surrounded by photographers and media personnel.

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