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​Sonakshi exudes elegance in ethnic ensemble​

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Apr 26, 2024


Sonal Khandelwal

Timeless grace

Her graceful aura is accentuated by the intricate patterns of her ethnic attire, mirroring the rich cultural tapestry of traditional Indian fashion.


Regal allure

In an outfit that whispers tales of royal courts, her presence commands attention, reflecting a blend of modern elegance and age-old tradition.


Elegance embodied

She radiates confidence, wearing a masterpiece of craftsmanship; every fold and thread tells a story of heritage, styled with contemporary flair.


Cultural symphony

Draped in the vivid colours of her heritage, she stands as a vibrant testament to the enduring beauty of ethnic fashion.


Ethereal beauty

With every step, the soft fabric of her ensemble dances in harmony with her serene composure, showcasing timeless elegance.


Heritage chic

Her ensemble is a canvas of traditional artistry, blending rich hues and exquisite embroidery that speaks volumes of her refined taste.


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Classic charm

In her attire, she embodies the spirit of ancient traditions, brought to life through the meticulous detail and vibrant patterns.


Sophisticated silhouette

She presents a silhouette that merges classic styles with the finesse of modern design, making a statement that transcends time.


Majestic poise

Her attire drapes elegantly, accentuating her poise as she represents a bridge between the grandeur of the past and the chic sensibility of the present.


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