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Raj Kundra has hunger for acting: UT69 actor

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Kumar Saurabh

, who starred in the film '


,' opened up about the positive reviews the movie has been receiving and his experiences working with Raj Kundra, who played himself in the film. Saurabh shared insights into Raj Kundra's surprising acting abilities and his humble demeanor on set, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes moments during the film's production.

He also discusses his future projects. Excerpts...
'UT69' has been receiving positive reviews from all sides. How does it feel?
Audiences are heaping praise on the film, and people are asking the director about my character and me. During the premiere,

Rajpal Yadav

praised my work highly. It feels amazing to receive such great feedback, which I never expected. I am so glad that people are really enjoying the film and showering me with so much love and appreciation.
What was your reaction when you first heard that a film is being made on Raj Kundra's life in jail?

When I was cast in the film, I didn't know the whole story. All I knew was that a film was being made about Raj Kundra when I met the director. So during the first workshop, when I asked director Shahnawaz who was playing Raj Kundra, he replied, 'Raj Kundra himself!' I was totally surprised to hear this. Then he started laughing. After that, we did a small workshop at Raj sir's place. I completed the workshop with so much positivity. So that's how it all went.

People know Raj Kundra as only the husband of Shilpa Shetty and as a businessman. How was he as an actor and as a person on the set?
Raj sir is a brilliant and humble human being. He is considerate of everyone and treats all with love and humility. He is a good learner and a very good actor, with a hunger for acting. His genuineness and love have really touched me. He is so well on screen that you cannot tell that he has not acted before.

'You can’t act over-smart': Raj Kundra compares being in jail to Salman Khan's show 'Bigg Boss'

Can you share any fun or interesting anecdotes from the sets during the shooting?
During one of the sleeping scenes, which was post-lunch, I actually fell asleep. Then Raj bhai put his hand on me and sat beside me, when I saw it was him, he said, 'Method acting kar raha hai na tu?'. I replied, 'Haan bhai main character mein gus gaya tha.' (laughs).

Did you get any opportunity to interact with Shilpa Shetty? Did she ever come on the set?
Yes, we met her at their house and spoke for sometime. While she was on set, I didn't get time as I was in the shot.
What's next?
I have 'Laal Rang 2' for which we will start shooting soon. Apart from that, there is 'CA Topper Tribhuvan Mishra' on Netflix, 'Sarpanch sahab' and 'Vakalatnama' in the pipeline.

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