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Owning a house in India? Warner opens up on his special love for country

3 weeks ago 627

NEW DELHI: Renowned Australian opener

David Warner

has always had a special place in his heart for India.
An IPL title winner with Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2016, Warner, over the years, has been showered with immense love from the fans across the country.
The 37-year-old too has been kind in sharing his love and appreciation for the fans over social media and meet-ups with fans.

And it won't be exaggerating to say that the Australian, to an extent, is more popular in the country than some of the local stars.

Warner, recently opened up on the love he has received in the country and said that it has been overwhelming. Amid such popularity, there have also been jokes around Warner owning a place here.
Putting all the speculations to a rest, Warner in an interview to Ashwin said, he indeed looked for a place some time back and would like to spend more time in the country.
"I don't (have a house in India). I did look at some stages. I get a lot of people asking me if I want a house here. One day, maybe when I finish my cricket, I would like to come here and spend some time. Lifestyle is good. I am a people's person. I go to the malls with my girls and I embrace everything," Warner said in the latest episode of R Ashwin's YouTube show.

"People say I am mad for going out without security and all that. But, at the end of the day, people have a lot of respect. I think people come and ask for photos, yes. But when you are out without your kids and embracing the culture, I think people understand and keep their distance. Sometimes though, in some smaller villages, it can get a little difficult. We do take security with us. But it's great, I love it. You walk down the street in India and there's always a game of cricket on," he added.
Warner's feud-filled exit from Sunrisers, despite winning a title for them, was also a major talking point in his IPL career.
From his exit to him being blocked by the franchise, Warner also spilled the beans on his relationship with the franchise.
"It did (hurt) because it was a sense of hurt for fans. The fans are the most important relationship you could have. With the engagement with the fans that I had, with the team I had was very good," Warner said.
"Not sure why I was blocked. But, I did engage with a lot of fans on the social media side for SRH. I did feel it was my duty to engage with the fans, making sure they keep coming back. That's what is most important. But from the blocking point of view, I don't know. I have been sitting on it for about 5 years. It was bizarre. At the end of the day, I still got fans who come onto my page and talk to everyone. So it's great," he added.

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