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Nam Joo Hyuk to play a dark hero in Vigilante

6 months ago 101

Nam Joo Hyuk

is playing a special role in a new show called ‘


.’ The show is about to be seen all over the world, and a cool poster has been released to get everyone excited. This poster tells us a lot about the show and the main character, played by Nam Joo Hyuk.
The poster was shown by Disney+ Korea on November 8, right before the first two episodes of the series came out.

In the poster, we see Nam Joo Hyuk as Kim Ji Yong, the main character. He's a student at a police school, which means he's learning to be a police officer.

Kim Ji Yong

is really good at his studies, knows martial arts, and wants to do the right thing. He's a model student. But something very sad happens in his life. His mother is hurt by a bad person who escapes from the law, and she dies. This makes Kim Ji Yong very angry. He decides to become a secret hero who punishes the bad guys when the sun goes down. But during the day, he's just a regular police student. It's like he has two lives!

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The show ‘Vigilante’ will be ready to watch worldwide starting on November 8th. It's a South Korean show with famous actors like Nam Joo Hyuk, Yoo Ji Tae, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Kim So Jin. It's based on a webtoon called Naver, and it's all about a student who learns about the law by day but becomes a secret hero at night to make sure bad people don't get away with their crimes.

The show first showed up at a big film festival on October 5, 2023. They only showed three out of eight episodes. But soon, you can watch the whole thing on Disney+. Get ready for ‘Vigilante’ and find out what happens when Nam Joo Hyuk becomes a lawkeeper by day and an executioner by night!

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