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Kashmera: Kids were finally happy to meet Govinda

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Dispelling any rumors of discord with nephew

Krushna Abhishek

and his wife

Kashmera Shah

, actor Govinda, fondly known as Chi Chi mama, graced his niece

Arti Singh

's wedding with Dipak Chauhan on Thursday, putting all speculations to rest.
Kashmera expressed her utmost joy at Govinda's presence on this significant family occasion. In an interview with Hindustan Times, she emphasized that Arti's wedding was the primary focus, with Govinda's blessings being the most cherished moment.

For Kashmera, the highlight was her children receiving ChiChi maama's blessings for the first time, especially since her twin sons, Krishaang and Rayaan, were born in 2018.

Mama Govinda trolled for attending Krushna's sister Arti Singh's wedding without wife Sunita Ahuja

Kashmera expressed her happiness at this occasion heralding new beginnings for the family. She noted that Govinda blessing her children without any ill feelings signifies a positive shift in their relationship. Referring to him as her maternal uncle, she highlighted that her sons can now also connect with their grandfather. Kashmera eagerly anticipates sharing Govinda's movies and songs with her children, who were delighted to finally meet him.

Mahira Sharma, Kapil Sharma, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and others attend Arti-Dipak's wedding

Shah elaborates on their interaction during the wedding day, expressing her joy that Govinda harbored no resentment and joined their festivities. Krushna, too, was elated; he went to bed with a contented smile. Standing beside Arti as her father figure rather than her brother, Krushna's role added a poignant touch to the occasion. However, amidst hosting duties, time constraints hindered any meaningful conversation.

During the festivities, despite the whirlwind of events, Kashmera shared that she attempted to seek Govinda's blessings by touching his feet, a gesture he kindly declined. She expressed gratitude for his warmth towards her. She also mentioned Govinda's son, Yash, attending the celebration, recalling how she had last seen him as a child. After meeting Arti, Yash expressed interest in meeting Kashmera's children, marking their first encounter with their cousins. Kashmera's sons eagerly anticipated meeting their elder cousin, as she had promised them his arrival.


between the two families ignited in 2016 due to certain jokes made by Krushna and comments made by Kashmera, which didn't sit well with Govinda's wife, Sunita. In response, Govinda and his family distanced themselves from Krushna and his wife, leading to a strained relationship between the two sides.

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