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Javed Akhtar responds to Vanga's criticism

1 month ago 829

Veteran screenwriter and lyricist

Javed Akhtar

has addressed the recent


surrounding his comments on filmmaker

Sandeep Reddy Vanga

's movie Animal, starring

Ranbir Kapoor

. In his recent interview, Javed clarified his stance, stating that he wasn't criticizing the filmmaker but expressing concerns about the impact on the audience.
Javed acknowledged Sandeep's right to create multiple films like Animal, in a democratic society. He said that while


may valorize certain characters, such as those portrayed in his films, it's essential to consider the broader societal impact and audience reception.
"I was not criticising the filmmaker at all. I think in a democratic society, he has the right to make one Animal, and many Animals. I was concerned about the audience, not about the filmmaker. He has the right to make any film," Javed told Mojo Story.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga reacts to Javed Akhtar's criticism of 'Animal', targets Farhan Akhtar's 'Mirzapur'

Despite not having watched Animal personally, Javed noted that his concerns stem from the reactions of the masses who celebrated the film. He reiterated that his intention was not to undermine Sandeep's creative freedom but to raise awareness about the audience's perception and societal messaging in cinema.

The controversy escalated when Sandeep Reddy Vanga criticized Javed Akhtar for allegedly overlooking


in the Prime Video India Original show


, produced by

Farhan Akhtar

's Excel Entertainment. Javed responded by expressing his honour at Sandeep's acknowledgment but also pointed out that the filmmaker couldn't find any sexist content in his 53-year-long career.
"In 53 years of my career, he could not find one film, one script, one scene, one dialogue, one song. So he had to go to my son's office and find a TV serial, which is neither acted, directed or written by Farhan," Javed remarked, while concluding, "53 years ke career mein tum kuch bhi nahi nikaal paye. What a shame."

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