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Hyoyeon, Apink's Bomi, Dita, and more stranded in Bali

1 month ago 60

The production of the upcoming variety show, ‘Pick Me Trip in Bali’, has hit a snag as its cast and crew find themselves in a difficult situation. A recent report from SPOTV revealed that the team, including prominent K-pop figures such as Girls’ Generation's Hyoyeon, Apink's Bomi, Secret Number's Dita, and former I.O.I member Im Nayoung, is currently

stranded in Bali

after local authorities halted their departure.

The trouble arose when authorities discovered that the production team had been filming without the necessary permits. Scheduled to depart Bali on April 25, the group, numbering around 30 individuals, now faces a predicament as their passports have been seized, and they are confined to a hotel pending investigation by local authorities. It's estimated that they may not be able to return to Korea until early next week at the earliest, as they grapple with a visa issue.
One agency official shed some light on the situation, explaining, "From my understanding, they are under investigation due to a visa issue. We were able to get in contact with them as of yesterday evening, but currently communication with them is poor. We think they will be able to return following their investigation. We are waiting for news from the local production team", as quoted by Koreaboo.
This unexpected turn of events has left cast members bewildered and frustrated, especially as they face disruptions to their post-Bali schedules. The official further stated, "They are in Bali, but the cast members don’t even know why they have been detained. It’s frustrating that the production team is not sharing details about the situation in a reasonable manner", further adding, "This situation is baffling. I think we will understand the situation once the investigation is complete. We are working so that they can return to Korea as soon as possible".

Meanwhile, KBS Joy, the channel slated to air the program, has issued a statement regarding the broadcast but refrained from addressing the ongoing investigation directly. "Broadcast of the program has not been finalized. We have confirmed the contents related to the program but as for officially being broadcast, that is still under consideration. It is not confirmed. We have no connection with the production company that was filming in Bali", the statement read.

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