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Girls vs. Boys performance in Tamil Nadu class 12th Board exams 2024: A comparative analysis of last 5 years

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Tamil Nadu HSE +2 Examination Results 2024: The Tamil Nadu Directorate of Government Examinations (DGE) has released the results for the Higher Secondary Second Year (HSE +2) examinations held in March 2024. This year saw a commendable pass percentage of 94.56%, reflecting a slight increase compared to the previous year. Out of a total of 7,60,606 students who appeared for the exams, 7,19,196 candidates emerged successful.
Girls Outperform Boys, Highlighting Gender Parity Progress
A closer look at the pass percentages based on gender reveals an encouraging trend.

While boys achieved a commendable pass percentage of 92.37%, girls surpassed them with an impressive 96.44%. This disparity indicates positive strides towards gender equality in educational outcomes and underscores the significant achievements of female students in Tamil Nadu's higher secondary education system.
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Stream-Wise Analysis Reveals Strengths and Areas for Improvement
Examining the pass percentages across different academic streams further details student performance. Science emerged as the strongest stream, with a notable 96.35% of students passing the exams. Commerce followed closely with a commendable 92.46% pass percentage. Arts saw a pass percentage of 85.67%, highlighting the dedication of students in this field. This analysis provides valuable insights into the academic landscape of Tamil Nadu's HSE system, suggesting areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Consistent Gender Distribution, Overall Decline in Participation
Over the years, Tamil Nadu's HSE examinations have witnessed a consistent trend in terms of gender distribution. While the number of girls participating has consistently outweighed boys, there has been a gradual decrease in the overall number of candidates appearing for the exams. In 2020, a total of 7,79,931 students took the exams, with girls outnumbering boys (4,24,285 girls vs. 3,55,646 boys). However, this number has dipped to 7,60,606 in 2024, with a similar trend in gender distribution (4,08,440 girls vs. 3,52,165 boys).
General Stream vs. Vocational Stream
The General Stream consistently sees higher participation from girls compared to boys. In 2020, 4,02,652 girls and 3,25,864 boys appeared for the exams. While these numbers increased slightly in subsequent years, they declined again in 2024 (3,95,494 girls vs. 3,31,855 boys). Conversely, the Vocational Stream has witnessed lower participation rates from girls compared to boys, with a gradual decrease in overall participation for both genders. In 2024, 20,310 boys and 12,946 girls took the Vocational Stream exams.

TN HSE Result

1No. of Candidates appeared
2Composition of School Candidates

a) Boys
b) Girls
c) Transgender
3Candidates in

i) General Stream

a) Boys
b) Girls
c) Transgender
ii) Vocational Stream

a) Boys
b) Girls
Overall Percentage of Pass among School Candidates
Percentage of Pass among School Candidates

a) Among Boys

b) Among Girls

c)Trans gender



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