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How to Open Blocked Sites | How to Unblock Blocked Websites | Unblock Blocked Websites | How Can We Unblock Our Website

You can not open those websites in India as soon as you type in the name of the site in the address bar, a message comes in front of you "This website / URL has been blocked as per instructions Department of Telecommunications and / or Courts of India "This means that this site can either be damaged or damaged by the Indian government or the Department of Telecommunications or the people of India, it has been blocked, therefore this website has been blocked in India. But if you have to open that website in India then there is also a method that I am going to tell you today.

How to Open Block Sites :

Well there are several ways to open the block site, one of which I am going to tell you today.

For Tor Browser, you will have to search on google for tor browser download or you can write in any of your browsers as soon as you open the page in front of you with the option of Microsoft Windows Click if you use "Microsoft Windows", otherwise click on any Operating System you use, then click Download Tor Browser.

When Tor Browser is fully downloaded, install it, double click on it to install and Next - Next, after installing it, an icon will come to your computer's desktop, on that icon Open the browser by clicking on it will open the browser, in the address bar, you will enter the address of any block website that will open the website.

Friends, this method is for your knowledge only. Please do not use it for any kind of wrongdoing. Otherwise you will be responsible for this yourself. Please comment on any kind of help.
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