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Syllabus for the post of Executive-Finance & Accounts In Railway | Railway Exams Syllabus

Syllabus for the post of Executive
Finance & Accounts

1. Advanced Accounting:

Accounting standard and guidance: Guidance Notes on various accounting aspects issued by the ICAI.

Cash and Fund Flow Statement.

Final Accounts

Company accounts and shares & Debentures.

2. Management Accounting and Financial Management:

Capital Budgeting

Long term Financing

Working Capital Management

Memorandum of understanding and Financial Management & Control

Dividend decision: divided policy; its determinants

Tools of Financial Analysis and planning; Ratio analysis to evaluate performance and financial health application of ratio analysis in financial decision making.

Goals of Financial Management.

Key activities of Financial Management.

Relationship of finance to accounting and audit and organization of finance function.

3. Financial Statement: Balance sheet, Profit & Loss Accounts, Source and Usage of Final Statement etc.

4. Auditing: Techniques of Auditing planning and audit , Audit Programs, Audit process and various Audit Types, Audit of PSU companies, Audit Committees and corporate Governance, Cost Audit, Internal audit, Special audit procedures, witnessing physical verification of assets.

5. Cost Accounting: Cost Concept in decision making, relevant cost, differential cost, Incremental Cost and opportunity Cost, Standard Costing and variance analysis Budgetary Control; Flexible Budgets, Zero Based budgets, Management information system.

6. Direct Taxes Rates regarding TDS, Procedure for claiming TDS refund, AS-26 etc., Computation of tax liability, Deduction from gross total income and tax liability, Filling of TDS return, Advance payment of Tax, Penalty and prosecutions, Deferred Tax, Refund of excess payments etc.

7. Indirect Taxes: Service tax as per Finance Act2003, Filling of Service tax return, Sales tax, Custom Duty, Excise Duty.
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